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I have some big news to share. Starting in 2019 I will be commencing a new full-time job outside of the bike industry. I have been offered an opportunity to transition my current skillset into the assembly, maintenance and customization of wheelchairs with a local vender.

Having watched the world of bicycle retail slowly change over the past decade, I have decided after much deliberation, to re-work the way I operate Gears & Grinds.  Even though I will be taking on another full-time job I will not be stepping away completely from the bicycle industry.

When I first opened the shop in “2005” my plan was to focus on top notch mechanical service and the sale of quality parts and accessories.  At the request of you, my customers, I was convinced to offer more and more products over time, including bikes. The 2.0 version of the shop will bring things back to something more in line with the original model.

G&G 2.0 will primarily focus on service with the sale of some quality parts and accessories and select bikes.  As I will be occupied Monday to Friday 9am-5pm at my other job, repair service will be available evenings and weekends only, on a by appointment basis. The store will not have regular business hours.  As part of this new business model, I will be encouraging my clients to take advantage of my new offering of a subscription-based annual maintenance plan.  This new model of bike maintenance will help to ensure that your bicycle operates at its best for your entire riding season. Think of this as preventative health care for your bike.

As well as this new subscription model there will be limited space for one-off service appointments, as well as emergency service. The exact details of how all this will be arranged are still being worked out.  Starting in 2019 I will make available on the G&G website a service request form.  When I receive your request I will try to reply ASAP to let you know when I will have time to fit your bike in.

            As part of this operational change, I will be selling off the majority of my current inventory to allow me the flexibility to rework my current work-space to optimize the service aspect of the business.  There will be savings on almost everything in the store between now and the end of the year so pop in and take advantage of the savings and, if you are interested, I can fill you in on some details of the new subscription based service plans coming available in 2019.  

After viewing the aftermath of the recent move from 42 Queen St I have decided that I will have very limited service capacity over the coming month or two. I am happy to still receive your requests and will reply promptly to let you know whether it is something I can fit in or not.

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